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Gooseneck Trailer Locks
Gooseneck Trailer Coupler Locks
Forged Gooseneck Coupler

2 5/16"      
Gooseneck Coupler with BT8 Lock installed
Gooseneck collum bolts

2 5/16"    
Gooseneck Collum bolts with BT8B Bolt Lock installed
Gooseneck Lock Set includes BT8 & BT8B

The BT8BS is a 2 piece set.  Includes the BT8 Coupler Lock and the BT8B Bolt Lock.  The Bolt Lock Provides a storage bracket for the BT8,

Dexter Gooseneck used on Big Tex trailers

2  5/16"    
Dexter Gooseneck with BT8T Gooseneck Lock installed
Pop-up Gooseneck auto latch Coupler

2  5/16"    
Pop-up Gooseneck coupler with BT8L Lock installed
If you do not see your coupler type in this section, please go to the Selection Guide.
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