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One Piece Construction - Housing is formed and welded to create a one-piece housing component - no hinges to seize or be tampered with.
Interconnected Design - All components of the lock are interconnected, no loose parts to misplace, assemble, or lose.
Tough Durable Construction - Housing is made of 1/4" steel and Locking component is made of 3/4" steel, Grade 8 fastener, Commercial grade Master Lock with "Bump Stop" technology, adding another level of security from picking.
Tamper-Proof Design - Master Lock padlock and locking component is completely contained in the housing:
1. Eliminating tampering access to the lock shackle; resistant to hammering, prying and cutting
2. Padlock is protected from environmental elements; rain, ice, dirt, etc.
Easy to maintain - Padlock can easily be removed for preventative maintenance.
Keyed alike - Padlock can be replaced with match keyed locks for multiple units keyed alike.  All coupler  lock styles can be keyed alike to any quantity.
Attractive Functional Appearance - Designed to resist the influences of weather.  Will not hold or allow water to pool, ensuring your lock does not freeze in winter.  Year-round functionality.
Handicap Friendly - Can easily be installed and removed with just one hand in as little as 10 seconds.  No need to Neil down to access lock and chance soiling clothing.
On-Board Storage Bracket - Providing a safe and secure place to keep your lock when not mounted on the trailer coupler.  Eliminating the guesswork of "where is my lock?", in the back of another vehicle or left on the ground. 
American Made - We use only American sourced materials
Family owned and operated - No corporate pressures to cut cost or quality for profit 
Limited Lifetime Warranty - Designed and built to the highest quality standards.
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