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Trailer Coupler Lock
Patent Pending
Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

Bank Trailer Security Systems LLC

"Put the Security of your Trailer in the BANK"

Protecting your investment has never been easier with Bank Trailer Security Systems products.  Designed with robustness, tamperproof and ease of use at the forefront.


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Lifetime Guarantee

Designed and built to the highest standards

Made in America

With American sourced materials

Tough Durable Design & Construction

Housing is made of 1/4" steel and Locking component is made of 3/4" steel

Easy to Maintain

Master Lock Padlock is easily removable for maintenance or replacement

Interconnected Design

All parts of lock stay connected, no loose parts or assembly required on trailer

Family Owned and Operated

No corporate pressures to cut cost or quality for profits

One Piece Housing
Housing is formed and welded to create a one-piece housing component, No hinges to seize or tamper with

Tamper-proof Design

Resists hammering, prying, and cutting.  Padlock is completely contained within the housing, eliminating access to the shackle or body of the padlock for tampering.  Also protects the lock from the weather

Handicap Friendly

Can easily be installed and removed with one hand

Keyed Alike 

All lock styles can be keyed alike in any quantity 

Attractive Functional Appearance

Design protects the padlock from the influences of weather

Onboard Storage Bracket

Trailer mounted storage bracket keeps coupler lock with trailer when not mounted to coupler.  No more loosing or misplacing lock, always with trailer

About Us

Welcome to

Bank Trailer Security Systems LLC

Our goal is to provide security and peace of mind that your trailer is protected from theft.  With our proven design, that is robust and extremely tamper resistant, you can take comfort, in knowing, your trailer has the highest level of security at the most reasonable cost.


Bank Trailer Security Systems LLC was founded to address a major problem for trailer owners.  Every day trailers are stolen from homes, storage lots, job sites, etc.  The majority of trailer coupler locks are easily defeated with a hammer or pry bar in a matter of seconds, allowing a thief to hook up your trailer and leave before being noticed.  After reviewing most available trailer coupler locks on the market, it was clear that none of them provided the level of security that I wanted for my trailers.  Therefore, Bank Trailer Security Systems LLC was founded to provide a comprehensive and secure locking mechanism for all types of trailer couplers at an affordable cost.  Most coupler locks on the market are made of cast aluminum, machined aluminum, and pot metals.  These types of metals cannot resist even mild tampering with a hammer or crowbar before breaking and falling off the coupler.  These types of locks provide a false since of security and will not be a deterrent to a trailer thief.  Our patent pending design is made of 1/4" and 3/4" plate steel and precision welded to the highest standards creating a lock that will cause the most experienced trailer thief to pass by your trailer for another less protected.  Don't be a victim to trailer thief, "Put the Security of your Trailer in the Bank" with Bank Trailer Security Systems LLC products.

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